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I began playing the drums at 13, joining my first band the same week. I had private lessons throughout my teens and went on to study drums at Musicians Institute, Los Angeles at the age of 19. There I studied under tutors such as Joe Porcaro (Frank Sinatra, Madonna), Ralph Humphrey (Frank Zappa, Al Jarreau), Casey Scheuerell (Jean-Luc Ponty, Chaka Khan), and renowned big band drummer Steve Houghton (Woody Herman, Freddie Hubbard). Having graduated with honours, I returned to London where, alongside further study with Bob Armstrong, I began to give private lessons myself and have continued to do so throughout my career.


Private lessons are available for all levels, cover a range of styles and include reading. Lessons draw on a rich source of “classic” and bespoke teaching material, and focus on students developing a solid technique with which to express their own musicality. As a player and teacher I am able to reference the ever-changing requirements of today's working drummer. If requested, students can work towards taking the Trinity College graded music exams. 

I offer private lessons in person or online via the usual conferencing platforms and am fully DBS Certified. For further information on lessons and availability please contact me via the button below.....

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